2 thoughts on “The Heritage Colloquium: Heritage Training®+MSMS at Pilates Aligned (Seminar #2)

  1. Learning more anatomical points of the pelvis and how to palpate them and getting clients to learn about it too has been beneficial in just one week of teaching! I love our Heritage lineage and feel so blessed to be part of it each year!

  2. This course has helped me see my clients’ movement patterns in new and helpful ways and, thus, empowered me to help them discover improved movement. The course content has translated beautifully across a variety of clients. I’ve successfully put many of the exercises to work for physically active clients facing nagging low back pain. Introducing the simple (but profound!) movement philosophy of the pelvic clock has helped clients struggling to learn advanced exercises. And it’s inspired freer, more nourishing movement in my older clients who struggle with stiffness.

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