2 thoughts on “Look, Listen, Push, Pull at PISC

  1. Had such a fantastic weekend of learning! Pilates, fitness, yoga, MOVEMENT people, the Movement Science Made Simple series with Jeremy Laverdure and Cara Reeser is not to be missed. Such important and gap filling information is shared to take your teaching to the next level and keep you exploring YOUR body and the bodies in front of you during your sessions and classes! So much gratitude and my heart *and mind* is full.

  2. Words can hardly express what a wonderful weekend this training seminar “Look, Listen, Push Pull” at PISC made in my development as a new pilates teacher. How we begin our movement and understanding our structure is priceless. Thank you Cara Reeser and Jeremy Laverdure, your wisdom is priceless. I also want to say thank you to all the amazing supportive women who participated in this movement class. I feel like you are my inspiration of what is possible.

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