3 thoughts on “The Heritage Colloquium: Heritage Training®+MSMS at Pilates Aligned (Seminar #1)

  1. Cara, Jeremy, and Laura are a very complimentary team of presenters each with their own expertise contributing to the workshop experience. It is clear to me that the success of their material is due to the brilliance of Kathy Grant and the legacy she left behind. Cara and Laura have an amazing command and insight to her work and experience teaching this material while Jeremy supports it with his knowledge of the anatomy. The workshop is a good blend of practice, lecture, and teaching. Their language is consistent between different workshops, and they make me laugh.

  2. I cannot overstate the importance of this workshop. Understanding the anatomy behind the movements of Pilates is crucial to understanding what we are trying to achieve as movement teachers. Cara, Jeremy, and Laura each brought their own language and experience to the material, which was like attending 3 workshops all in 1. The brilliance of the work was made even more clear to me upon returning home and beginning to use the work with my clients. Seeing the immediate shifts happening in clients of all abilities goes to show how accessible and applicable the material is.

  3. We couldn’t have asked for more…. Cara, Jeremy, and Laura all in one space! What an absolute treat. The anatomy, the movement, the conversation all made sense. These three are really bringing this work to a higher level. The Pilates method is so much more than counting reps for clients (as we know)! To dive deeper into the movement within the movement, or the movement within the stillness, is truly a blessing, not only to feel it first hand but to be able to utilize the language of Kathy Grant, Cara, Laura, and Jeremy with clients AND see/feel results within the bodies before us. So looking forward to more in the future… On top of it all, we had fun!
    Thank you for doing this and bringing it forth.

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