2 thoughts on “Separate But Connected at Streamline

  1. This was my second workshop with both Cara and Jeremy and I have nothing but positive things to say. The content of the lessons are taught in a way that is easily understood, practiced and embodied. I will continue to make these workshops a yearly event as I feel my Pilates teaching has greatly improved from this.

  2. This is my second MSMS workshop with just the right amount of material accessible to new teachers and “streamlined” for the more seasoned teachers. Cara and Jeremy give their material a lot of thought and offer a synthesis of their combined experiences as movers and as teachers of Pilates/movement. The concepts provided are based on sound anatomical material and research, which Jeremy presents. Cara offers simple exercises and cuing that support these concepts. It is a great format where we practice these simple exercises as lead-ins to Pilates protocols, and we learn and review the anatomy that supports these movement goals. Their message is “streamlined” and effective.

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