3 thoughts on “Look, Listen, Push, Pull at Sixth Street Pilates

  1. This was a fantastic weekend! In other continuing ed courses, I have asked, “How will I be able to apply this to my teaching?” “Look, Listen, Push, Pull” was unlike any other course, in that I left the weekend asking myself “How soon can I apply all I learned to my teaching?” So much of what I knew to be true was deepend and clarified through the anatomical discussion, and the practical exercises presented. My teaching, body, mind, and spirit were enlivened and energized and I didn’t want the weekend to end. Jeremy and Cara are great teachers and the perfect compliment to each other… funny, smart, caring, and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to take the next course.

  2. This workshop was amazing. I’ve been back to teaching for one week now since the workshop and I have been able to apply what I learned to every one of my private sessions and group classes. I often leave workshops with a lot of information but confusion about how to actually apply it to my teaching–not with this one! The information, imagery and exercises they share are extremely “user friendly” and I’ve found that all of my students can easily understand the information I’m passing along. Jeremy and Cara compliment each other so well in the way that they teach. Jeremy shares his knowledge of the anatomy and the physics of the way our body actually functions with such clarity. Cara shares her and Kathy Grant’s imagery and movement explorations with charisma and excitement. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone and I cannot wait to take another one.

  3. I highly recommend this workshop! (Frankly, any time you can be in the room with Cara and Jeremy, run, don’t walk…) So often I’ve found continuing education workshops to be either filled with fascinating information that is difficult to apply in a tangible way, or choreography (new/advanced/archival) that is lovely, but taught without any deeper perspective or explanation. Cara and Jeremy teach with humor, wisdom and open hearts. It’s amazing to be in the room with them, because you are allowed to step away from judgement, both of self and others. In this way it felt like our group explored together, rather than performed as teachers for each other.
    We learned movement practices from fundamental skill-building exercises to “up level” bigger gestural work, all within the context of the anatomy and kinesiology at work. Everything is related back to the world of Pilates and then out to the world of the living, breathing, moving body. I left the workshop with (literally, physically) a new sense of myself as a practitioner, and an incredible appreciation for Cara, Jeremy and their expertise. But I also had such a thrill thinking of the practical ways I was going to be able to go to work the next day and really help my students grow.

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