One thought on “The Brain in Pain at Pilates Aligned (Denver, CO)

  1. This workshop was my introduction to the MSMS courses and it felt like a boost to my relationship with the Pilates world. It made me thirsty for more! As a new teacher (graduated in April 2019) I am sometimes hyper aware of my lack of knowledge in certain areas. This Brain in Pain course gave its participants lots of food for though and was a great help in understanding the concept of pain and the intricate ways it affects us. Although the theoretical aspect of this workshop was captivating, I think that the practical applications were just as interesting. Cara and Jeremy shared with us specific protocols that we can use for our clients. It feels available to everybody, all levels of experience included. Everybody could relate to this subject to some extend – either by thinking about a specific ” chronic pain client” they might have or maybe through personal experience with pain, etc…
    I am looking forward to doing my own research now and to start applying what I learn, in my own pace.
    Thanks Cara and Jeremy for making learning fun and useful!

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