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The Advanced Spine

Putting the Pieces Together
In The Advanced Spine we take a deeper look at spinal mechanics in order to better visualize the 3-dimensional movement of the whole spine in our Pilates exercises, as well as to better understand spinal conditions such as scoliosis and hyperkyphosis. In this Movement Science Made Simple course, we will:
  • Draw on the research into the variability in sagittal spinal structure to help us update our understanding of what “normal” posture looks like
  • Examine the typical sagittal changes that occur in the aging spine, and learn strategies for working with them
  • Learn how the coupled spinal motion of rotation and lateral flexion relate to the Pilates repertoire and to scoliosis
  • Understand the “why’s” of best practices for working with clients with scoliosis or osteoporosis
This course has prerequisites. You must have completed two out of three of the following courses: Look, Listen, Push, Pull; Separate But Connected; and Your Song Is Your Strength. You may have taken the standard weekend course or the Heritage Colloquium version of the course. Please contact us at with any questions.

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