Comprehensive Graduate Training Program

Movement Science Made Simple is a comprehensive graduate training program for Pilates instructors. Students may take one or a few of the courses, or they may take them all as part of our Certificate Program. The courses may be taken in any order, with the exception of The Advanced Spine, which has prerequisites.

Our programming is appropriate for Pilates instructors of any background who want to build sustainable careers through honing their knowledge and skills. Our goal is to promote Pilates that is consistent with modern exercise and rehabilitation principles, and to train instructors that are confident working with any client that comes through their door.

The Certificate Program consists of 7 weekend courses, 3 webinars, and 12 hours of study group or small group review sessions. To receive the certificate, students must pass an exam demonstrating their knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of the program.

The full curriculum is as follows:

Weekend courses (12 contact hours each)

Webinars (4.5 contact hours each):

↳ MSMS Graduate Certificate Program Checklist


↳ What is the cost of the full program? Is payment required in advance?
The MSMS program is pay-as-you go. Each weekend course costs $575 (slightly higher prices apply for international courses or for the Heritage Colloquium). The online 4.5-hour components are $150 each. The total cost for in-person and online courses, study groups, and test-prep materials is approximately $6000.
↳ How long does the program take?
The Certificate Program can be completed in as little or as much time as you like.
↳ Are there requirements to enter the certificate program?
The program is open to certified Pilates instructors of any background.
↳ What is the relationship between the Heritage Training and Movement Science Made Simple?
The Heritage Training is an in-depth training in the Kathy Grant work in The Pilates Method through the lens and experience of Cara Reeser. The MSMS material draws on the Heritage Training movement material but approaches it with a view to biomechanics, physiology, and pain science. In the Heritage Colloquium, we offer the MSMS material specifically for Heritage Training graduates in a 3-day extended format.
↳ I have already taken some MSMS courses. Can I decide to enter the Certificate Program now?
You can join the Certificate Program at any time, and courses you have already taken will be applied toward your completion of it.